3 HarperCollins Digital Imprints Accept Unagented & Unsolicited Submissions

Manuscript-Fruits-CindyFazziPicThree digital imprints owned by HarperCollins, a Big Five publishing company, are seeking manuscripts for romance, mystery, suspense, thriller, and visionary or “transformational” fiction. If you have an unpublished manuscript in those genres, start the New Year right and prepare your work for submission.

HarperCollins doesn’t accept unagented and unsolicited manuscripts except for these digital imprints:

Avon Impulse

If you’re a romance writer, this one might be a good fit for you. Avon Impulse is the digital-first imprint of Avon Books. Editors are looking for contemporary and historical romances, new adult fiction, erotica, and mini-series.

Read the submission guidelines here.

Witness Impulse
Calling all mystery, thriller, and suspense writers! This digital-original imprint, launched in October 2013, is looking for “thrilling and compulsively readable fiction.”

Read the submission guidelines here.


This imprint is looking for “visionary fiction,” also called spiritual novels or stories of change. “These are books that not only move us but transform and illuminate,” according to the publisher’s Web site.

Read the submission guidelines here.

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