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Cindy Fazzi Photo by Tracey Weeks Photography

Cindy Fazzi’s photo by Tracey Weeks Photography.

Cindy Fazzi was born and raised in the Philippines. She has worked as a journalist in the Philippines, Taiwan, and the United States. Her two decades of experience as a news reporter, writer, and editor includes working for the Associated Press.

Her first romance book, In His Corner, was written under the pen name Vina Arno. It was published by Lyrical Press, an imprint of Kensington Publishing, on April 14, 2015.

Her short stories have been published in Snake Nation Review, Copperfield Review, and SN Review. She’s the author of a series of four nonfiction children’s books about the Philippines, Peru, Pakistan, and Ireland, published in 2005 by the Rosen Publishing Group. The books were part of a series called A Kid’s Guide to Drawing the Countries of the World.

She has a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from Ateneo de Manila University and a master’s degree in journalism from Ohio State University. She lives in California with her husband, Vincent, and their daughter, Nina.

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  1. My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will stop in again and find something of interest.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me back to yours

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog 52beautifulthings. May 2015 bring you much beauty!

  4. Shery Alexander Heinis

     /  January 14, 2015

    Hi Cindy – I appreciate your visit to my blog wholefullness and your “like”. I’m just began browsing your blog and found your post on independent small presses to be quite useful. Thanks!

  5. Hi Shery. Thanks for visiting. I look forward to reading more of your writing!

  6. Thank you for stopping by my site and I am happy to have found yours. Happy reading and I look forward to seeing your posts!

  7. Hi Cindy, thank you for liking my post 🙂
    Are you interested in a blog tour to support your books? I’m currently searching for fellow authors who’d like to take part in a cross-genre one. Please contact me at if you’re interested.

  8. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post!! Happy reading!!

  9. Hi Cindy, thank you for taking a peek at my blog. I’m new at this so It’s still under construction…and yours is the first blog I’ve commented on. 🙂

    • I really like the name of your blog–that’s what caught my attention. You’re on the right track on your blogging. Keep on writing and good luck!

  10. Isabel

     /  June 13, 2015

    Thanks for noticing This is a new adventure for me. I enjoyed your take on literature snobbery. Main reason for my Saturday Books is to keep easy fun in the mix!

  11. Hi Cindy! Thanks for liking my post about Indie800. Unfortunately, time has run out, and it remains an idea instead of a reality. However, in case or anyone else might be interested, the give away for my books and a couple of Amazon gift cards continues through Friday.

  12. You have been nominated for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award.

  13. Hi, Thanks for the like on my post about the book ‘View from the Bottom of the Well’ a couple of weeks ago. Sorry I took so long to stop by. I’m new to blogging and you were the first person to like anything I posted so extra big thank you 🙂

    • I remember your blog. And I just saw your new book review. I hope you’re enjoying blogging and reviewing books as much as I do. Good luck!

  14. G’day Cindy,
    Dropping in to thank you for visiting and noting a like or two on my page, during my WordPress hiatus, it is greatly appreciated 🙂

  15. So nice of you to stop by. I hope you continue blogging! Lots of luck.

  16. Thanks for the attention to my blog Cindy! Can’t wait to read your blog!!! I’m intrigued! 🙂


  17. Lulabelle Somers

     /  April 8, 2016

    Hi Cindy,

    Thank you for visiting my blog x

  18. Always look forward to my visits here Cindy. Keep up the good work. Regards Thom.

  19. Hullo Cindy – great to meet you and to connect, and thanks for liking my blog post. Really exciting to realise there is so much creativity and good work going on out there. Now to read your book!

  1. Welcome | Cindy Fazzi

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