4 Small Presses Across the Pond Accept Unagented Submissions

Four small publishers in the U.K. welcome unpublished, unagented manuscripts in a variety of genres. Their websites don’t prohibit submissions from writers outside the U.K., but if you live in another country, it’s prudent to mention it in your query. Check out their submission guidelines below.

 Jo Fletcher Books: Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy

Jo Fletcher Books is an imprint of Quercus Publishing, which is owned by Hachette UK. The press accepts only science fiction, horror, and fantasy submissions via email. “Jo’s own personal tastes in fiction have always been wonderfully eclectic,” according to the publisher.

Read the submission guidelines here.

Quartet: Literary Fiction

This London-based publisher says it has a “fine tradition of pursuing the alternative to the mainstream.” In addition to literary fiction, it also accepts memoirs, nonfiction, and short story collections from unagented writers.

Read the Quartet’s submission guidelines.

Sparkling Books: Crime, Thriller, Romance

“Sparkling Books is a really independent publishing house. We are totally self-financed, neither taking nor seeking state funding,” according to the publisher.  It publishes fiction written in English. Submit your manuscript through the publisher’s website.

Read the submission guidelines here.

Three Hares: Crime, Psychological Thriller, Middle Grade Fiction

This independent publishing company was founded by a literary agent, a graphic designer, and an accountant. “The ethos behind Three Hares is to publish books which move the reader or are thought provoking,” said the publishers. They welcome email submissions.

Read the submission guidelines here.

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