Publishing Platform: Is Radish Serialized Fiction Right for You?

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Reading serialized fiction on smartphones is very popular in Asia. Radish hopes to cultivate a similar acceptance of serialized storytelling and reading in the West through its app.

Seung-Yoon Lee, founder and CEO, said Radish is tailored for the mobile generation. “Our content is perfect for a quick read while riding the subway, waiting in line or grabbing a bite to eat,” he said. The company is based in Los Angeles, with offices in Seoul and New York.

How Radish Works

You can download the Radish fiction app for free. Afterward you can buy a novel by chapter and read the story as it unfolds. The company’s “freemium” option lets you read the first chapter for free. If you like it, you can buy the following chapters in coins.

A number of technology and entertainment companies are backing Radish. The best-selling author Amy Tam (“Joy Luck Club”) is also a supporter. “The whole concept of Radish makes terrific sense to me,” she said in a press release issued by the company. “The most compelling stories are a win-win for readers and writers alike.”

For Authors

Writers are published through a submission process similar to mainstream publishing. Radish said its serialized publishing platform enables authors to monetize their content through micropayments. Radish splits sales 50-50 with authors.

Radish is seeking captivating stories written in English, with lots of cliffhangers. Writers may submit their works through Submittable. Radish will review submissions and accept a few.

Read the submission guidelines here.

Read more about Radish.

(Photo via VisualHunt)

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  1. Very intriguing possibilities… thanks for sharing!

  2. So nice to hear from you, Erin. I meant to congratulate you on your latest book, “Cloud Warrior”! Any projects with Lyrical Press? Lots of luck!


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