Tips on Polishing Your Novel from Paula Munier’s “Writing with Quiet Hands”

Hydrangeas&Manuscript1After you’ve revised your manuscript for the nth time, the final stretch of polishing can be daunting. You’ve maxed out your writing group’s goodwill and your own editing fatigue has set in. When you reach this point, Paula Munier’s tips on “principled polishing” will help a lot. (more…)

Paula Munier’s “Plot Perfect” is a Treasure Trove of Tools for Writers

PlotPerfectCoverbyCindyFazziBook Review—“Plot Perfect: Building Unforgettable Stories Scene by Scene” by Paula Munier, published by Writer’s Digest Books, 2014

In keeping with the book’s title, Paula Munier doesn’t flinch when she states, “If you want to write commercial fiction, you need to be about plot.” (more…)