Romance Author Gemma Brocato Finds Peer Support, Wants to Pay it Forward

Gemma Brocato-ETP CoverAs a writer, Gemma Brocato has paid her dues, spending many years as a copywriter in the insurance sector. Today she’s living every writer’s dream: working as an author full time. Despite the fierce competition in the publishing industry, she has found support from other romance authors. “That’s something I want to pay forward,” she said. (more…)

Publishing Breakthrough: What it Feels Like to be Finally Accepted by a Publisher

"Cupcake" by Nina Fazzi

Being accepted by a publisher is sweet. (“Cupcake” by Nina Fazzi. Copyright © 2014 by Nina Fazzi. All Rights Reserved.)

It was a Thursday like any other—eight hours in the office, dinner with the family at home, and a treadmill workout, while I watched Brad Pitt’s “Killing Them Softly” on DVD. The movie was abysmal, but Brad looked good, and I burned some calories. What happened next, however, was what made April 10, 2014, one of the best days of my life. (more…)

7 Classics that Belong to the Romance Genre: Why I Started Reading Romance Novels

PrideandPrejudice-CindyFazziI didn’t start reading romance novels until a year ago. I’ve always preferred literary fiction and historical fiction. I also read the occasional thrillers and mysteries—think Lee Child and Tana French, respectively. (more…)