Romance Author Daisy Banks Explains How Rejection Can Help Writers

MarkedForMagic CoverPalmistry and an odd mark on author Daisy Banks’s palm sparked the idea for “Marked for Magic,” her new release. Banks, a former teacher, has written 10 other books in the “spicy” romance, historical, paranormal, and fantasy genres. (more…)

Why Romance Author Jen Colly Didn’t Always Like Books

Jen Colly-inthedarkMost authors have been writing since childhood—not romance author Jen Colly. “Writing never once crossed my mind. I didn’t even like to read,” she said. Her resistance wasn’t because she didn’t like books, she just didn’t like being told what to read. (more…)

Romance Author Gemma Brocato Finds Peer Support, Wants to Pay it Forward

Gemma Brocato-ETP CoverAs a writer, Gemma Brocato has paid her dues, spending many years as a copywriter in the insurance sector. Today she’s living every writer’s dream: working as an author full time. Despite the fierce competition in the publishing industry, she has found support from other romance authors. “That’s something I want to pay forward,” she said. (more…)