What You Really Need to Survive as a Writer


Whoa! If you’re a writer suffering the doldrums, adjust your attitude. (Photo by Vince Fazzi, Folsom, Calif., 2015)

Do you sometimes wish you’re not a writer? I do—in times of rejection. As they say, when you get rejected, write something new. The problem is how to juggle a full-time job, family life, and writing, especially when you’re down in the dumps. (more…)

Best-Selling Author Bret Lott’s Advice to Writers: Build Your “House of Rejection”

"Desert" (Original artwork by Nina Fazzi)

“Desert” by Nina Fazzi

I met Bret Lott, the best-selling author of Jewel, in 2006 when I attended a writing workshop as part of the Writers at Work Conference in Salt Lake City. (more…)