Publishing Platform: Is Radish Serialized Fiction Right for You?

Photo courtesy of VisualHunt.

Reading serialized fiction on smartphones is very popular in Asia. Radish hopes to cultivate a similar acceptance of serialized storytelling and reading in the West through its app. (more…)

Digital Publisher Seeks Manuscripts for New Publishing Platform

ReadershiponScreen-CindyFazziAre you ready to show your manuscript to the world? Readership, a crowd-sourced digital publisher, is open to submissions. It recently launched a new publishing platform that allows readers to decide which manuscripts will get published through a voting system.  (more…)

Free Platform for Unpublished Writers

Computer ScreenAre you looking for a literary agent? Are you trying to get your book published? WEbook, a publishing platform and online community for writers, was recently re-launched under new ownership. (more…)