Pew Research: Young Americans and Women Read More

Folsom Library Reader-CindyFazziPicA Pew Research Center survey shows young Americans, women, and people with higher education and income are most likely to read books compared with other groups. The patterns hold for both print and e-books. (more…)

Pew Research: Majority of Americans Value Public Libraries

Folsom Library-CindyFazziPicMost Americans value their public libraries and they would like to see new services, such as help in providing digital literacy for children and senior citizens, according to the results of a recent Pew Research Center survey. (more…)

Pew Research: Majority of Millennials Read Books

Read Poster Photo-Cindy FazziThe word “millennial” usually conjures up the image of a teenager who’s voluntarily trapped indoors to play video games, watch Netflix, and monitor social media all day long. That impression may be true (I know because I have a teen at home), but results of a recent study by the Pew Research Internet Project show that millennials also  read.  (more…)

If You Love Both Library and Technology, You’re at the Top of Information Resources Food Chain

People who use technology a lot also go to public libraries often.

People who use technology a lot also go to public libraries often.

Are you an “information omnivore,” a “library lover,” or a “solid center”? If you love public libraries and technology both, you probably belong to one of those three groups. A study by the Pew Research Internet Project shows that Americans who use technology a lot also go to the libraries often. (more…)