Top 5 Blog Posts: Pen Names, Literary Snobs, and New York Pitch Conference

Top5-CindyFazziSince this blog’s launch on Feb. 15, 2014, I’ve published 70 articles on writing, reading, publishing, books, and movies. Hands down, the most widely read post is an article discussing the reasons why writers use a pen name. (more…)

Using a Pen Name: 3 Tips for Avoiding a Pseudonym Identity Crisis

Arno River Pic-Cindy Fazzi

The Arno River in Florence, Italy, inspired my pen name.

While there are many good reasons for using a pen name, choosing one and getting used to it is another matter. My pseudonym—Vina Arno—has a special meaning for me. Still, it’s taking time to sink in. (more…)

4 Reasons for Using a Pen Name: Why I’m Using a Pseudonym

Pieter Claesz Painting

“Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill” by Pieter Claesz. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “The Collection Online.”

When my novella, “In His Corner,” is published by Lyrical Press, the book won’t carry my name but my pseudonym—Vina Arno. It’s going to be my first book-length work of fiction, so some people are asking: Why use a pen name? I’ll explain below. I also looked up other writers who used pseudonyms—from Agatha Christie to Stephen King—and came up with four good reasons for using a pen name. (more…)