Forget about Snowflake—it’s time for “Up Lit” and Other New Words

We need “up lit” books as an antidote to so much negativity in politics.

Snowflake is last year’s cliché, while Brexit is so 2016.  It’s time for a fresh batch of new words, or at least newly repurposed words. (more…)

Snowflake, Alternative Fact, Post-Truth, & Other New Words Stemming from Politics

(Photo via Visual Hunt)

(Photo via Visual Hunt)

The new political order in America has added new words to our vocabulary. The media and technology also continue to influence our ever-growing lexicon. (more…)

Normcore, Americaphobia, and 8 Other New Words to Take Note Of

Are you emojinal? Photo credit: Wicker Paradise via Visual hunt / CC BY

Are you emojinal? (Photo by Wicker Paradise via Visual hunt / CC BY)

The English language evolves all the time. New words are born and old words change meanings. This evolution is part of what makes writing exciting. Here are 10 new or newly coined words to take note of. (more…)

Affluenza, Hispandering, Swatting, and Other Negative Words from the News


A lot of negative words originated from the news.

Bad news sometimes turns into “bad” or negative words. Just take the example of Ethan Couch, the Texas teen and the source of a new negative word: affluenza. Other words such as Hispandering and swatting also originated from incidents reported in the news. (more…)

MacGyver, Paparazzi, and Other Words Originating from Pop Culture

MacGyverDVDThe most remarkable thing about Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) in Ridley Scott’s blockbuster movie, “The Martian,” is his ingenuity in troubleshooting while stranded on Mars. You could say that he MacGyvered his way out of Mars with the help of duct tape, rocks, tarp, and whatever material was at hand. MacGyver is a good example of a word originating from popular culture that’s now entrenched in our vocabulary. (more…)