Debut Author Priscille Sibley’s Advice to Writers: Not so Fast

Image courtesy of Priscille Sibley.

Image courtesy of Priscille Sibley.

As the famous writing motto goes: Write what you know. Priscille Sibley, a neonatal intensive care nurse, certainly knows the subject matter of her debut novel, The Promise of Stardust. (more…)

Can Your Story Have Too Much Tension? A Literary Agent Says No

"Colors" by Nina Fazzi

“Colors” by Nina Fazzi

There are two things about the 2012 Backspace writer-agent seminar in New York City that I won’t forget. First, I survived the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Second, I learned some critical lessons from Donald Maas’s workshop that helped me tremendously. (more…)

A Top Literary Agent Shares Valuable Insights

"Jocund" (Artwork by Nina Fazzi)

“Jocund” by Nina Fazzi

I recently participated in an online discussion forum featuring a top literary agent, who shared her insights on a wide range of topics: from author’s platform to book contracts and more. (more…)