Study: Reading Completion Rate Correlates with Reader’s Age

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Finishing a book depends a great deal on a reader’s age, according to a study by Jellybooks. In most cases, completion rates were higher for readers under 35 and those older than 45. Readers between those two groups had the lowest completion rate. (more…)

Study Shows Readers Judge a Book by its Cover

BooksandtoteContrary to the saying that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, readers, in fact, pick books and form expectations based on covers, according to a study by Jellybooks. (more…)

Study Shows Men Give Up on Books Sooner than Women

Folsom Library-Malereader-CindyFazziPicMen decide faster than women about books they like,  according to a study by Jellybooks. The research showed men give up after 20 to 30 pages if they don’t like a book. (more…)