Forget about Snowflake—it’s time for “Up Lit” and Other New Words

We need “up lit” books as an antidote to so much negativity in politics.

Snowflake is last year’s cliché, while Brexit is so 2016.  It’s time for a fresh batch of new words, or at least newly repurposed words.

Here are some choice words for this year, according to online dictionaries.

Bleisure: An activity that combines business and pleasure, such as a bleisure trip.

Blockchain: The technological foundation—a digital ledger, if you will—for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Booktuber: A person who posts book reviews on YouTube.

Honeyteer: When a couple spends their honeymoon volunteering, usually overseas, it’s called honeyteer. It must be true love!

Up Lit: Refers to books that trigger optimism. An up lit book is more than just a feel-good book; it makes you feel hopeful and optimistic.

Warsie: Warsie refers to an avid “Star Wars” fan, just as Trekkie means a “Star Trek” fan. This is not a new word, but it has re-surfaced, thanks to the recent release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

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