Small Presses: 3 Publishers Want Literary, Romance, Speculative Novels

New year, new opportunities! You may submit to these publishers even if you don’t have a literary agent if your manuscript falls under these categories: literary, romance, and speculative.

Black Spot: Speculative Fiction

This publisher is looking for speculative fiction, including fantasy, paranormal, thrillers, and dark humor. “We especially love projects that explore what may lurk beneath the waves and other nautical themes,” according to the publisher.

Black Spot publishes United States-based authors only. Submit a cover letter, a brief synopsis, and full manuscript.

Learn more about Black Spot’s submission guidelines.

Red Sage Publishing: Romance Novels

Red Sage was founded in 1995 as a print publisher. Now it also publishes digital books. “We always told authors to write what they love to write,” according to the publisher. “Genre and sub-genre are unimportant, as long as the writing quality is strong and both the romantic and sensual elements are appropriate.”

You may submit via email. Read the writing guidelines and the FAQ before sending your work. Visit Red Sage’s website for more information.

Owl Canyon Press: Literary Novels

This small press is based in Boulder, Colo. “Our goal is to discover new and upcoming authors whose works stimulate the imagination,” said the publisher.

You may email samples chapters or send a hard copy via mail. For more information, read Owl Canyon’s submission guidelines.

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