4 Small Presses Accept Unagented General Fiction, Genres, Nonfiction

FairOaks-Laptop-Computer-CindyFazziPicSpring is not just for spring cleaning and gardening. It’s a great time to submit manuscripts. If you don’t have a literary agent, check out these four publishers that are willing to consider submissions directly from writers.

Arcade Publishing

Arcade Publishing, part of New York-based Skyhorse Publishing, seeks general fiction, history, memoirs, and a host of nonfiction categories. Your submission should include a query, a sample chapter or two, and a market analysis and competitive research.

Read Arcade Publishing’s submission guidelines.

Black Mountain Press

Black Mountain Press, a literary press based in North Carolina, accepts manuscripts via snail mail. Manuscripts must be complete. The publisher focuses on “poetry, creative novels, and short story collections by emerging writers.”

Read Black Mountain’s submission guidelines.

Crooked Lane Books

Crooked Lane Books publishes mysteries, suspense and crime books, and thrillers. Submit a query letter and the first five pages of your manuscript.

Read Crooked Lane’s submission guidelines.

Talos Press

Talos Press, an imprint of New York-based Skyhorse Publishing, is interested in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Submission requirements include a query, sample chapters, and a market analysis.

Read this publisher’s submission guidelines.

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