4 Small Presses in UK Welcome Unagented Submissions

If you’re seeking traditional publication but you don’t have literary representation, look into publishing companies across the pond. These four small presses don’t prohibit non-U.K. submissions on their websites, but if you live outside of the U.K., mention it in your query or submission.

Aurora Metro Books

The independent press, located in Richmond-upon-Thames in London, welcomes new and unpublished authors, in addition to submissions from literary agents. It publishes fiction, translations, plays, nonfiction (on theater, culture, and arts).

Read more about Aurora Metro’s submission guidelines.

Endeavour Press

This London-based publishing company is interested in fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, namely history, historical fiction, crime fiction, thrillers, romance, and women’s fiction. Your manuscript should be at least 25,000 words long. For crime, thriller, and historical fiction, stand-alone submissions are accepted, but series are preferred. Endeavour Press will also consider back-list titles

Read more about the company’s submission guidelines.

Sandstone Press

Sandstone Press publishes fiction and nonfiction for adults, with emphasis on literary fiction, women’s fiction, crime novels and thrillers. It doesn’t publish genre fiction, children’s books, young adult, or poetry. The press, located in Scotland, welcomes both agented and unagented submissions.

Learn more about the publisher’s submission guidelines.

Two Roads

Two Roads, based in London, publishes both fiction and nonfiction, including literary and historical novels. It doesn’t publish genre fiction, crime, practical nonfiction, children’s, young adult, and poetry. Submit a query first.

Learn more about this publisher’s submission guidelines.



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