Snowflake, Alternative Fact, Post-Truth, & Other New Words Stemming from Politics

(Photo via Visual Hunt)

(Photo via Visual Hunt)

The new political order in America has added new words to our vocabulary. The media and technology also continue to influence our ever-growing lexicon.

Below are some of the new words defined by Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, Macquarie Dictionary, and other sources:

Alternative Fact: A falsehood; a statement that conflicts with existing or previously determined conditions of a situation

Fake News: Disinformation and hoaxes published on websites for political purposes or to drive web traffic; incorrect information passed on social media.

Post-Truth: Not after (post) the truth, but something that happens outside of the truth.

Snowflake: A disparaging word for a sensitive person.

Threequel: The third part of a series.

Troll: To antagonize people online by posting inflammatory comments or offensive content.

Uberization: Meaning “sharing” economy; paying less for a service by dealing with the provider directly. From Uber, the online transportation company.

YouTuber: One who frequently produces and appears on videos on YouTube.

(Snowflake photo via Visual Hunt)

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(Photo by Cindy Fazzi)


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