2 Small Presses Seek Contemporary Novels and Genre Fiction

manuscriptplums-cindyfazzipicDo you have an unpublished novel or memoir? The Unnamed Press and the Red Adept Press accept unsolicited manuscripts from unagented writers.

The Unnamed Press, based in Los Angeles, welcomes fiction, memoir, or something in between. “We are always interested in unlikely protagonists, undiscovered territories, and courageous voices,” according to the publisher.

In an article in Publishers Weekly, founders Chris Heiser and Olivia Smith said they are looking for writers who “belong to this generation, to the now, to contemporary life.” The publishing house, founded in 2013, was originally called Ricochet Books.

Learn more about Unnamed Press.

Red Adept Press

Red Adept Press seeks original and unpublished novels (no self-published books) from U.S. authors only. The publisher welcomes all types of genres, except erotica and middle grade to elementary books. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through its website.

Writers of erotica should submit to Red Adept’s sister company, Cinnabar Silk.

Learn more about Red Adept’s submission guidelines.

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Bishop's Pumpkin Farm, Wheatland, CA (Photo by Cindy Fazzi, October 2016)

Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm, Wheatland, CA (Photo by Cindy Fazzi, October 2016)

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  1. I’m terrified at the thought of submitting to a small publisher again – it’s such a shame as I bet there are some great ones out there 😦

    • Why–what happened? Did you have a bad experience? I’m sure a lot of writers would like to read about it on your blog. Thanks for stopping by, Millie!

      • No problem ☺️ Yeah I had a terrible experience!! I’ve already blogged about it as I wanted everyone to hopefully learn from my very painful episode!

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