2 Small Publishers Accept Unagented Submissions of Literary Fiction and Genres

manuscript on bucket-CindyFazziPicIf you have an unpublished manuscript, gear up for submission this fall. Black Balloon Publishing is open to unagented and unsolicited submissions of literary fiction and nonfiction in October, while Indigo Sea Press welcomes submissions of mainstream fiction and various genres throughout the year.

Black Balloon Publishing

New York-based Black Balloon Publishing is seeking literary fiction, memoir, and nonfiction. “We’re not interested in categories,” according to the publisher. “We use our freedom as an independent publisher to take risks, collaborate, rewrite industry rules, and diversify the selection of books available to readers today.”

Black Balloon is open to unagented and unsolicited submissions twice a year—in April and October. Its parent company, Catapult, recently merged with Counterpoint Press. Catapult said it will continue to publish under its eponymous and the Black Balloon imprints.

Learn more about Black Balloon’s submission guidelines.

Indigo Sea Press

Indigo Sea Press is a small traditional press accepting unsolicited submissions from unagented writers. “Indigo Sea Press is the new voice of literature in the third millennium,” according to the publisher’s website.

The company publishes and accepts manuscripts belonging to these categories: science fiction and paranormal, romance, mainstream fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, children’s and middle grade books, young adult fiction, action and adventure, and crime and mystery.

Learn more about submitting your work to Indigo Sea Press.

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