Normcore, Americaphobia, and 8 Other New Words to Take Note Of

Are you emojinal? Photo credit: Wicker Paradise via Visual hunt / CC BY

Are you emojinal? (Photo by Wicker Paradise via Visual hunt / CC BY)

The English language evolves all the time. New words are born and old words change meanings. This evolution is part of what makes writing exciting. Here are 10 new or newly coined words to take note of.

From the Oxford Dictionaries Website

The word “apology” means so much more these days. Consider these apology-related terms.

  • Apology tour: A series of speeches or interview or public appearances by a public figure to express regret for a mistake or wrongdoing.
  • Nonapology: A statement that takes the form of an apology but does not constitute an acknowledgment of responsibility or regret.

Dumpster fire: A fire in a dumpster; a chaotic or a disastrously mishandled situation.

From the Associated Press Stylebook

Normcore: A fashion trend that combines normal and hardcore and is characterized by unpretentious, unisex, average dressing.

Mirroring: Real-time copying of online content such as a photo, video, or data, so that it simultaneously appears in a second location online or on a storage device. Mirroring is typically done to back up content, to make it easier for users to access, or simply to display it in another location.

From Merriam-Webster “Open” Dictionary for New Words and Slang

Americaphobia: Irrational fear of, or aversion to, or discrimination against America and Americans.

Blasian: Black and Asian

Emojinal: Expressing complex emotions through emojis.

Fignature: A signature on a touch screen done with one’s finger.

Workstream: An area of focus within a project.

Photo credit: Wicker Paradise via Visual hunt / CC BY

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  1. I think at times I have Americaphobia, and I’m an American.

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