Small Presses: Two Opportunities for Women Writers

Photo via VisualHunt

Photo via VisualHunt

Calling all women writers! Bedazzled Ink is looking for unpublished literary novels and nonfiction manuscripts that celebrate diverse voices of women, while And Other Stories is dedicating 2018 to publishing female writers.

Bedazzled Ink

“Our main guideline for fiction is that the novel must have a female protagonist. The writing must engage the reader with a unique approach to storytelling and a distinctive authorial voice and style,” according to the publisher’s website.

In terms of nonfiction, the California-based publisher is looking for manuscripts on feminism, history, nature and the environment, social issues, biographies of notable women, and autobiography and memoir, among others.

Learn more about Bedazzled Ink’s submission guidelines.

Bedazzled Ink’s GusGus Press

The publisher’s GusGus Press is looking for novellas, short story collections, and poetry collections. Preferred length is 30,000 words to 45,000 words. The division is also interested in creative prose and essays about feminism, history, nature and the environment, social issues, and multicultural issues, among other things.

Learn more about GusGus Press.

And Other Stories

The U.K.-based publisher has announced its initiative called the “Year of Publishing Women 2018” in response to reports that women are less likely to win literary awards or gain recognition compared to their male counterparts. “In 2018, we’ll only publish books by women,” the publisher announced on its website. It hopes to widen the debate about the numerical imbalance in the representation of men and women in publishing.

If you’re a female writer with an unpublished manuscript, don’t wait for 2018. Get a head start and submit soon. The publisher focuses on fiction and English translations of foreign works. It’s seeking manuscripts that are “shamelessly literary.” For translations, writers in other languages must be published and recognized in their own language to be considered.

Learn more about And Other Stories.

Photo via VisualHunt

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