New Study: Books Empower Readers to Do Positive Things

A new study concluded that books boost a reader’s sense of self-worth.

A new study concluded that books boost a reader’s sense of self-worth.

For book lovers everywhere, the sheer pleasure of reading is motivation enough for them. Those who are less inclined to read should listen up! A new study revealed that books empower readers to take positive actions, such as traveling, starting a new hobby, and even getting over a break-up.

“Reading for pleasure is a pivotal way to empower, enlighten, and guide us through our everyday lives. Reading acts as a window to the outside world that challenges our thinking and changes our lifestyles for the better,” according to a report, “The Untold Power of the Book.”


The study is a result of an online survey conducted among 2,000 adults who were asked 17 questions, including why they read, when they read, and the kinds of books they prefer. The research was conducted by Quick Reads, in partnership with the Centre for Research into Reading, Literature and Society (CRILS) at the University of Liverpool.

Report Highlights

The report was released by U.K.-based Reading Agency on Feb. 4, 2016. It said books have inspired readers to make positive changes in their lives, such as:

  • Travel/take a trip: 38 percent
  • Take better care of my health: 20 percent
  • Take up a new hobby: 19 percent
  • Remain calm during a disagreement: 17 percent
  • Quit a job I was unhappy with/apply for a new job or a promotion: 12 percent
  • Take better care of a loved one: 10 percent
  • Get over a break-up or being dumped: 8 percent

Other Results

The report concluded that books “strengthen our relationships and connections with others, encourage us to take action in our lives and follow our preferred path, and boost our sense of self-worth and make us feel more contented and fulfilled.”

The study revealed that reading made readers:

  • interested in other people and cultures, 57 percent
  • understand other people’s points of view (which helped them remain calm during a disagreement; see results above), 42 percent
  • reflect about happier times in their lives (when they read about happy moments), 27 percent
  • come to terms with difficult situations, 14 percent

Learn more about the study.

Read the full report here.

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