For Author Christa Maurice, Romance and Rock ‘n’ Roll Go Together

ChristaMaurice-RRSoM-BK3-aGtbSimple-300x450If you once had a collection of Metallica albums or Kurt Cobain posters, then you’ll understand why romance author Christa Maurice writes about rock stars. She admits to being that rare first grader who knew about Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult.

In this Q&A, she talks about her latest book, “A Gift to be Simple,” and what she likes about being a hybrid author.

Q: What is “A Gift to be Simple” about?

A: In “A Gift to be Simple,” Rachel has left the Amish life behind because it was too restrictive. She has taken a job doing wardrobe on the SendDown tour where she meets Gian, who really likes to party and who expands her horizons even more. She is loving Gian and the new lifestyle until something happens to show her just how far she’s come from the farm.

Q: How did you come up with the story? What inspired you to write it?

A: When I wrote “Satellite of Love” (Drawn to the Rhythm Series, book #1), the hero and heroine went to a SendDown show and the guys in that band wouldn’t leave me alone. Rick met the love of his life when the band was recording in Brazil where they were trying to keep Alan on the wagon, but Trent and Gian try to scare her away. Alan met the love of his life when Trent and Gian hired her to pretend to be Alan’s girlfriend to keep him dry for the tour. In this story Gian is getting his comeuppance for meddling in other people’s love lives. Trent’s getting his, too, in a big way.

Q: As a hybrid author, what do you like about traditional publishing versus independent publishing and vice versa?

Q: When I started out, there was no independent publishing so house was the only way to do it, but I am really glad I had that education. I have learned so much about making deadlines, editing, and positioning, working with Lyrical Press. I have also met many wonderful, supportive authors who have been very helpful when I decided to branch out.

Q: You use different pen names for your books. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using pen names?

A: My other pen name is for my more erotic writing. I think it allows readers to not be unpleasantly surprised by more action than they are ready for.

Q: Any advice for aspiring writers?

A: Find yourself a good community of like-minded writers and listen more than you talk. It’s amazing how much you don’t know that you don’t know. At least once a week I’m in a loop or on Romance Divas studying something someone has said because it never even occurred to me.

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