Romance Writers Report: The Art of Choosing the Perfect Book Title

The May 2015 edition of Romance Writers Report, the monthly magazine for members of the Romance Writers of America, published an article I wrote about how to choose the perfect title for your book. It described my experience choosing a title for my debut romance novella, “In His Corner,” published by Lyrical Press (April 2015).



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  1. Great article Cindy and congrats on the nod from Romance Writers of America. It’s always nice to be recognized for your work.

    • Thanks much for your comment and for visiting. Love the name of your blog–love the positive vibes!

  2. Great article. I can’t tell you how many times I changed the title of my first book. When it was published a year ago? There was one other Better Than Perfect on Amazon but it was a nonfiction management guide. Now there are at least three other fiction titles, most also romance. But what can you do? I guess that means it was a good title. And I like ” In His Corner.” It relates to boxing but not in a cheesy way.

    • Hi Kristina. “Better than Perfect” is indeed a great title; no wonder it’s popular. How is your experience sharing the same title with other books–does it confuse some readers or does it reinforce the appeal of your book? That would make a great blog post(: Thanks for visiting!

  3. Congrats on the RWR article! I think finding the right title is so important and I love trying my hand at it. Like you, Cindy, with my the first book in my Northstar series, I thought I had. Then the publisher wanted to re-title because they were coming out with a book that had the same as my original title. I’m glad they pushed me to search for a new one, because the new one hits on the theme of the story much better.
    I like the title of your story and I’m looking forward to reading it.


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