Small Presses: Three Publishers Welcome Unagented Submissions

Manuscript&Plant-CindyFazziMost unpublished writers consider the two obvious publishing paths available—traditional publishing with the Big Five and self-publishing. They should also consider small presses as a viable third path. Harvard Square Editions, Salvo Press, and Split Lip Press are small publishing houses that accept unagented and unsolicited manuscripts.

Harvard Square Editions

This publishing house is run by Harvard University alumni. It accepts novels and novellas with environmental and social themes, including political fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, dystopia, and fantasy. “We appreciate aesthetic value and constructive social or political content, especially manuscripts related to climate change, deforestation, and conservation,” according to its Web site.

Learn more about submitting your manuscript to Harvard Square Editions.

Split Lip Press

This independent publisher publishes poetry collections, short story collections, novellas, and anthologies. “Split Lip Press is here to discover and promote the next Lorrie Moore or the next James Tate because small press publishing is the best option for writers in their vein,” according to the company’s Web site. It accepts poetry and fiction.

Learn more about Split Lip Press.

Salvo Press

Salvo Press is currently looking for original mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction. It doesn’t accept previously self-published books, even those published only for promotional purposes.

This small press was recently acquired by Start Publishing of New York. The company said it’s a great opportunity for its authors. “This deal will bring Salvo Press authors to a wider audience worldwide,” it said.

Learn more about Salvo Press.

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  1. As a wannabe writer taking her first oft-discouraged baby steps, these small press posts give me practical, grounded hope. Thank you!

  2. Bound to Be Me

     /  April 21, 2016

    This is really interesting. I am writing or attempting to write my first novel. I in the back of my mind, I keep thinking about what I will do about getting published and what happens if those ‘big’ publishing houses don’t like what I wrote. I love information like this because for first time writers, the publishing process is a little overwhelming. I really appreciate this post, Thanks!

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