Digital Publisher Seeks Manuscripts for New Publishing Platform

ReadershiponScreen-CindyFazziAre you ready to show your manuscript to the world? Readership, a crowd-sourced digital publisher, is open to submissions. It recently launched a new publishing platform that allows readers to decide which manuscripts will get published through a voting system. 

“Readership was created out of a desire to see more publishers embedding themselves in online culture,” said Sam Rennie, founder of the company, in a press release. “Considering what communities across the digital world have achieved, we’re incredibly excited about the possibilities available in the online world, particularly in this emerging sector of crowd-sourced, community-based publishers. With Readership we’ve given readers the ultimate say in what gets published.”

Open to Submissions

Readership is funded by New Generation Publishing, one of U.K.’s leading self-publishing companies. It accepts manuscripts written in English in all genres, including thriller, adventure, fantasy, romance, science fiction, young adult, humor, adventure, and historical fiction.

If you’re interested, you may submit excerpts of your book. It’s free for you to showcase your work. You also may upload any video or audio that complements your manuscript as part of your “campaign.”

Readers who vote for a particular manuscript will donate toward its publication. If they vote no, they will offer feedback. Every title that reaches its funding target will get published. Donors will get a free copy of the book.

To learn more about Readership’s new publishing platform, click here.

To read a related story about InkShares, a startup that combines legacy publishing and crowdfunding, click here.

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  1. This model and ones like it are fascinating to me, a traditionally published author. I’m curious as to how this all plays out. Will readers vote/pay for good stuff or dreck? (PS – I retweeted this blog.)

  2. Hi Larry. I’m also traditionally published and we all know it’s brutal out there. So crowdfunding is good because it opens the door for more writers. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment.

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