Brash Books Seeks Unpublished Crime Novels and Award-Winning Backlists

Bookshelf-Mystery-CindyFazziIf you have an unpublished crime novel, you might want to consider submitting your work to Brash Books, a new company established by two veteran novelists. Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman formed a partnership with online retailer to publish their works, as well as other novels.

Goldberg has published more than 40 books; he’s a co-author of Janet Evanovich. Goldman is the author of the Lou Mason and Jack Davis thriller series. They self-publish and also work with traditional publishers. They formed their publishing company after learning that they were both self-publishing and looking to revive backlists.

Brash Books has published 30 crime novels by award-winning authors. The books are available in both print and digital copies. They are also available via print on demand. The company plans to use a P.R. firm to help promote its books.

 Open for Submissions

Brash Books is open for submissions of unpublished crime novels. It is also looking to acquire out-of-print novels, especially if they have won awards, or if they have received recognition (e.g., finalist in contests, or major book reviews).

To read more about Brash Books and how to submit, click here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You’re welcome, Erin.

  3. People certainly want to read crime novels, especially if they are based on actual circumstances. This sounds like a good resource for writers.

  4. Hi John. Thanks for stopping by!

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