"Trees" Original Artwork by Nina Fazzi

“Trees” (Artwork by Nina Fazzi)

I’ve been around. As a writer and editor, I have worked for the world’s leading news agency and several newspapers, and for traditional and online publications. I’ve been writing fiction and non-fiction.

I have lived in three countries on two continents. By virtue of marriage, I’ve changed my last name and acquired new citizenship (American). I’ve added mother and wife to my job titles. I have even adopted a pen name—Vina Arno— for some of my writings. All throughout, I am and always will be an avid reader and writer.

This blog is about writing, editing, and publishing. It’s about books, but also movies (just because they’re fun). It’s for you: my fellow writers, editors, book lovers, film buffs, and friends. Welcome to my blog! I hope you visit often.

Read my bio here.

Artwork by Nina Fazzi.

Copyright © 2014 by Nina Fazzi. All rights reserved.

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  1. Hi, Cindy. I’m glad that you liked my post “Sweat the small stuff” and that you’ll revisit my blog. I like what I’ve seen on yours and will be back.


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